Quad Bike Safety


If you think that riding a quad bike is easy then think again! Statistics show that quad bikes can cause more accidents than 2 wheel bikes. This is particularly true in countries like Australia and New Zealand where the use of quad bikes on farms is pretty extensive. Many farmers use quad bikes as a key mode of transport around their farms and the safe use of these vehicles is critical.


But the problem with quad bikes is that many farmers under estimate the skill required riding the vehicles and this often results in undesired consequences. In fact over 60% of farmers have had some sort of accident while riding a quad bike and at least 6% of these riders have required medical treatment.


The key component of riding a quad that is often missed is the fact that people forget to use the appropriate riding gear before they set off. This is the major problem along with people under estimating the power of a wuad bike as well as many not negotiating the terrains effectively.


So if you own a quad bike and need to learn more about the safety aspects of the vehicles then this infographic illustrates some key points to take into account. Remember stay as safe as you can when riding your quad.